Reiki is a wonderfully calming, relaxing therapy that can work very deeply and powerfully by helping to encourage energy flow around the body.
After injury, on a physical level the body adapts by altering its behavior or the way it moves, and this is turn interrupts the energy flow, cementing the problem. Increasing energy flow to an injured area, or a place where emotional pain has been fixed in the mind, can help the release of:
⦁ Pain
⦁ Tension
⦁ Old, outdated thinking
⦁ Behavioural patterns
⦁ Emotional blocks
⦁ Blocked energy, and thereby helps the body to heal.

Reiki complements and enhances other disciplines and spiritual practices, and helps to balance the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of your body.

All appointments last one hour, and although Reiki is usually given as a touch therapy with the client laying on a couch, this may be modified in line with your preferences. You will remain fully clothed throughout, and it is suggested that you wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment.

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