Reflexology is a holistic non invasive therapy which aims to treat the whole person through stimulating reflexes on the feet, face or hand using the thumb or fingers.
Foot reflexology is a naturally relaxing treatment that can assist in reducing stress levels and provide a sense of well being. When the body is in this state it is at its optimum for fighting disease or illness and therefore regular sessions may provide an ideal preventative measure.

Conditions which can respond well to reflexology include:
Digestive disorders
Joint pain
Back pain
Stress and anxiety
Auto immune disorders
Hormone imbalances

Many ladies also find reflexology an effective support therapy during pregnancy. It is also popular with Patients undergoing chemotherapy, and their relatives, as it can aid deep relaxation without being intrusive in its administration.

Reflexology Aftercare Advice
Your reflexology treatment should assist in re balancing your energy and emotional systems, and boost your circulation, digestion and immune system.

To gain maximum benefit from your Reflexology Treatment you are advised to:
For the following 24 hours :
Drink plenty of water
Rest and relax if possible
Eat light meals
Avoid alcohol and smoking
Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea

Most people feel relaxed and energised during and following a reflexology treatment. Occasionally feelings of tiredness, lethargy or just a general feeling of being ‘under the weather’ occur and this is a normal and positive reaction to the treatment, indicating that toxins are being flushed away and the body is rebalancing itself.

Existing conditions may feel worse before you feel better. This is part of the healing process and is perfectly normal.

Your reflexologist will discuss a treatment plan taking your experiences into consideration.

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