Nutritional Therapy

Many common disorders may respond to nutritional therapy. These include;

  • Digestive disorders – IBS, indigestion, bloating, food allergies
  • Weight control
  • Hormonal disorders – PMS, menopause, PCOS
  • Musculo skeletal – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis
  • Childhood problems – ADHD, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, Autism
  • Depression, anxiety states
  • Chronic fatigue/ME
  • Migraine/headaches
  • Skin problems – eczema/dermatitis, acne etc
  • Addictions and dependencies
  • Low energy
  • Just coping with 21st century average poor health!

Nutritional therapy seeks to treat each unique individual, taking into consideration all of their health problems, past and present, their family history, their lifestyle and occupation, and of course, their diet. A very detailed questionnaire, completed prior to the initial consultation, is used as a basis for diagnosis and discussion. During your initial consultation, we explore how changes to diet and lifestyle might influence your health. There are a number of biochemical tests available when needed to investigate in greater depth.


Nutritional therapy involves manipulating the diet to ensure you gain the optimal benefit from your food; it need not always require major change. Many of us are overfed but undernourished, and may make poor food choices, often through no fault of our own. Equally important to what and when we eat, is what we don’t eat and what we would rather not eat; this is all taken into account when your programme is devised. You will be given a dietary programme, initially often including supplements, designed for your health problems, adjusted to your life style and making compromises.

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