Holistic therapy

In today’s busy and complex world, there are many physical and emotional pressures which accumulate and place our muscular and immune systems under increasing stress. This can lead to many disagreeable side effects.

  • Painful, aching muscles
  • Tight, restricted neck, shoulders and lower back
  • Lack of shoulder and hip mobility
  • Headaches
  • Lack of sleep

Therapeutic Releasing Bodywork (Massage & Reflexology). No Hands® Massage and Reflex is a dynamic new form of this most ancient of healing therapies. This original approach is deep, releasing and rejuvenating; instead of hands, the ‘soft front’ of both forearms are used which clients are discovering can be deeper and more relaxing than traditional massage. A consultation and assessment of your needs is first undertaken, followed by the provision of a tailored treatment. The results of this massage are evaluated and discussed and, if appropriate, a treatment programme is offered.

Advice is offered concerning the healing process. A natural outcome following a massage; it is the body indicating that the body’s structure and metabolism is undergoing change and is rebalancing itself, thus allowing you to begin moving forward. Further advice and support is offered, concerning lifestyle changes, posture and repetitive actions, which you may be engaged in, perhaps unconsciously. Appropriate exercises are suggested and guidance given on maintenance support treatments.

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