Facial Reflexology – Bergman Method

A deeply relaxing treatment that we’re delighted to offer at WeaverHouse.

Georgina is a qualified practitioner who studied under Ziggie Bergman,founder of  the award winning Bergman method facial reflexology.  This method is based on zone therapy along with Native American techniques and Asian body maps.

Facial reflexology is a unique treatment using an award winning crystal infused facial elixir combined with specialised reflexology techniques and massage.  The treatment we provide improves health and wellbeing, benefiting certain conditions such as stress, migraines, Bell’s palsy, blocked sinuses, stiff jaw, teeth grinding as well as aiding a youthful and healthy looking face.

Over a series of treatments there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

For more details about Facial Reflexology, please call WeaverHouse on (01270) 62 99 33 to book your initial consultation.