Client Stories

Many of our patients like to tell us about the benefits they have received and how their treatment has improved not only their health but their life in some other way too. We encourage patients to share their stories to help show others that real and significant progress is possible, particularly when they thought that there was little that could be done for their condition.

Please note that Osteopathy is supported by research but some testimonials are based on anecdotal evidence that does not necessarily mean you will receive the same benefit. The opinions expressed by patient testimonials should not be seen as those of Adam Tilstone or WeaverHouse.

Shoulder and arm pain

A gentleman in his late sixties presented to clinic with a great deal of worsening pain in his shoulder blade and right arm. He was also very worried because he had been experiencing weakness, pins and needles and numbness into the same arm and hand. He had consulted his GP and on one occasion when the pain had been especially bad had even gone to the hospital. All they had done was to prescribe him some strong pain killers, which he did not feel were helping very much and had been making him feel lethargic.

Upon his initial consultation, I was able to explain that all of his symptoms were actually coming from his neck. By using a variety of very gentle and non-painful techniques we were able to relax the muscles in the neck and shoulders and gain more movement within the neck itself. After three treatments the gentleman was no longer experiencing any pain into the shoulder blade and arm, the pins and needles had disappeared and only a slight numbness remained in the hand.

Senior patients

I treat many patients over 55 years of age. They have maintenance treatment each month to keep them going. Some of them have pain in their hips, knees and low back. I help them to manage themselves better, looking at their posture and daily chores. You do not have to struggle with aches and pains. Each month I have a couple of patients in their 90’s who have had quite a lot of pain, they both walk, drive and go on holidays. Their treatment and daily stretches keep them mobile and reduce their disabilities. There is much that can be done to help arthritic joints before it’s time for a replacement.

Massage therapy

Jenny is a familiar face here at WeaverHouse. Her original appointments were with the osteopath following major surgery after an accident which severely injured her spine. She now enjoys remedial massage on her back and foot on a monthly basis.

The deep tissue massage Jenny receives has played a tremendous part in her rehabilitation. When I started treatment on Jenny over a year ago she was walking with aid, over the months I have seen her progress from 2 walking sticks, down to one, and now none at all, Jenny is now completely mobile and has been walking in the Orkneys and has made a trip to New Zealand!