Are you looking for Osteopathy or Complementary Therapy to improve your level of health, vitality and wellbeing? Do you want a professional practice with highly experienced practitioners and therapists, supported by friendly and well trained staff?

WeaverHouse is one of South Cheshire’s leading Osteopathic and Natural Health Care Practices, offering a comprehensive range of therapies tailored to your exact requirements.  We provide holistic therapies, including Podiatry/Chiropody, Counselling, Reiki, Herbalism and Allergy Testing, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Therapy including Remedial Massage, Nutritional Therapy, , Homeopathy, Acupuncture; Pilates and Yoga, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, as well as Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. Please contact 01270 629933 or for a full price list or any questions you may have.

Our treatments are designed for all types of people, whether you work in a physical or sedentary job and no matter what your age or current level of health.

Some people choose WeaverHouse when they are in poor health or pain, others visit our Osteopaths and therapists to maintain a vibrant and pain free life.

Whatever your reason for seeking Osteopathy or one of our therapies, please contact WeaverHouse today to find out more.

We are proud to be a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. For more information about how Osteopathy can work for you, please click on the Icon.


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We also run WeaverHouse-Equine, workone of the leading Equine Osteopathy Clinics in the UK



Our Latest Blog Posts

  • Our team is growing....


    We are very pleased to welcome Paul, our new Massage Therapist to WeaverHouse. Read on to find out more.... 

    Hi, my name is Paul. I am currently working towards my BSc (Hons) Complementary Therapies for Healthcare. 
    I am level 5 qualified in a range of modalities including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, musculoskeletal injury management, k-taping, seated massage, postural assessment, and Chinese Tui’Na massage. 
    I specialise in Massage therapy, including remedial, deep tissue, relaxation, and stress relief. Being qualified in aromatherapy means that we can enhance the therapeutic effects of massage by utilising the restorative and healing powers of essential oils through bespoke blending and application. 
    Holistic treatment is at the core of my beliefs, treating the mind as well as the body to restore and maintain a homeostatic balance. 
    A proud member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists and included on the Accredited register of the Professional Standards Authority.
    Outside of work, I’m usually found with guitar in hand playing venues across North Wales and Cheshire, sometimes I give singing a go too! 
    Sport plays a big part in my life, for many years I practiced martial arts, basketball and archery. American Football is probably my favourite sport now and has allowed me to stand on cold, damp and sometimes frozen pitches, and become team massage therapist to quite a few local teams.
    If you would like to make an appointment for Massage Therapy with Paul, 
    Please give us a call 01270 629933 or email
  • What can Massage do for you?


    In an ideal world, Massage would form an integral part of your self care routine to maintain wellness and prevent injury or pain. 
    From increasing awareness to relaxation to pain relief, everyone can benefit from regular massages. 
    It is even more advantageous if you suffer from ongoing/reoccurring pain; Advanced Clinical Massage can relieve most muscular pain conditions and help manage stress. Here are just a few conditions that Massage can help with...

    Tension headaches and migraines: The muscles in your neck and scalp are often the root cause of these conditions. Did you know that a tight SCM (the cord like muscle at the front of your neck) can cause earache, headaches, watery eyes and sore throats?

    Plantar fasciitis: often the causal factor here is tight calf muscles and often this extends throughout your ‘posterior chain’ - the muscles down the back of your body. With a focussed lower leg and foot treatment backed up with hamstring, glutes and lower back, massage can relieve your symptoms over a course of appointments.

    Frozen Shoulder, hip and pelvic pain, lower back pain: ACMT (Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy) has a wide range of very focussed techniques that are incredibly effective in treating these conditions.

    Stress relief: the meditative quality of massage in the rhythm and low lighting allows you space to just be. On top of that, Massage will unwind all of that stress related tension we hold in muscles.

    If you’d like to take a step to a healthier, happier, pain free you, please book in to see me on a Monday, Thursday or Saturday at Weaver House. 
    Telephone 01270 629933 or email 

    Reanne Benson